How it works

The Bushfire Pro system creates a shield of water between the property and the fire. As well as creating the shield, it wets down the property and surrounds to prevent it from ember attack and radiant heat. Because the water is placed between the fire and the building, any wind driven flame or ember will be met by water.

A series pipes are installed within the cavity of the building structure, and rotating spray heads protrude from the building facia – be assured these are very discrete and it is common for them to go unnoticed altogether. A diesel or petrol powered pump drives the water flow. Water is forced from the jets under centrifugal pressure and exits in a variety of directions simultaneously. Bushfire Pro uses a specifically designed sprinkler head that uses a little less than 10LPM and has a large spray pattern. This provides maximum economy in terms of water usage. Flexibility exists in the placement of the system, making it also very effective for use in cavity spaces such as under decks and stairwells.

You will often see fire-fighters advance toward a fire spraying water in a wide arc in order to offer protection against radiant heat. Bushfire Pro works in much the same way, creating an effective barrier for your property against flames, embers and radiant heat.

Bushfire Pro is available as a fully automated system or a manual system.
The Bushfire pro AUTOMATIC system will self operate from smoke sensors and thermal detectors. In the event of a bushfire, it does not matter if you are home or away.

The diesel water pump is activated by the thermal detector or smoke sensors. The system is on standby 24 hours, 7 days a week ready to receive signals of bushfire.

For additional peace of mind, the system will still operate if there is a 240v power outage from the 12v back up battery.

The Bushfire Pro automatic system will operate in your absence. You can rest assured that your home will be protected when you are away, or that if you are home when a bushfire strikes, your family can leave the area early and avoid exposure to extreme personal danger. Ember attack – often occurring well ahead of the forefront – will trigger the system and stop when the building has been adequately doused. It will continue this until the arrival of fire galvanises it into non-stop action for maximum protection.

The Bushfire Pro MANUAL system is operated by manually using the start key or button. It is just as effective in its firefighting ability as the automatic option, just without the technology of self starting.

Both the automatic and manual systems require a water storage tank. All exposed pipe work is copper for and aesthetic and longevity reasons.

Bushfire Pro is a proven defence for residential and commercial property with countless assets saved around Australia each year. All systems are specifically designed to each individual application and location.