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Bushfire Pro Tasmania

Leave early, stay out of danger and let the Bushfire Pro system fight the fire for you. Proven sprayer/sprinkler system for rural, residential & commercial bushfire protection.

With hot and dry conditions increasing across the country, the threat of bushfire looms large for many Australians.

In order to best protect your family and property, it is important to plan ahead. A well prepared home is more likely to survive a bushfire or ember attack. It can also make it far easier for firefighters to defend, and less likely to put your neighbour’s homes at risk. A well prepared home gives you more protection if a fire threatens suddenly and you are unable to leave.

Bushfire Pro is a proven defence for residential and commercial property with multiple assets saved around Australia.

Specifically designed to suit properties in bushfire prone areas, the Bushfire Pro system can be readily applied to residential housing, sheds and business. It is regularly installed around large developments such as caravan parks, retirement villages and schools. It can be installed in remote areas and does not require a mains water supply. Systems can be catered to clients budget and needs, from the fully automated Bushfire Pro system right through to a manual sprinkler system.

Join the hundreds of Australians who have already turned to Bushfire Pro to protect their greatest asset.

Fully installed and guaranteed

Intelligent automation system

Rotating spray heads - up to 17 metres

Independent of mains power

Fully automated or manual system

“I researched every system for bushfire protection that I could find and decided that Bushfire Pro’s was definitely the best. I must say that in actual operation it far surpassed what I had expected. I have been particularly impressed with some of the design ideas such as the roof cavity micro system and fire suppressant. This has given me an enormous amount of peace of mind because of my position on the ridge above such dense bush in this Blue Mountains area.”


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